Guided Touch Therapies

Denae Tait

Are you struggling with weight loss, insomnia, digestive issues or a health challenge that you just cannot find answers for? Are you doing all the right things and still not seeing results? Your genetic make up may give you clues that could bring results. We cannot change our genes, but we can influence gene behavior with diet, exercise and sleep that are designed specifically for YOU and your genes.

My Gene SNP DNA Analysis is a comprehensive test that goes far beyond the typical DNA testing. The test is totally confidential and your information is never sold. Cost for this testing is $495.00. This cost includes:

Test Kit

Lab Fees

48 genes and 61 SNPs spanning multiple areas of health.

Evaluates diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleep and emotional health habits.

Delivers a comprehensive Health Action Plan with concrete suggestions for achieving your optimal health potential.

1 hour consultation to go over your test and suggested plan of action to help you achieve your health goals.